Friday, October 30, 2009

Messages from the Universe

I get these messages from the Universe every Friday. Here is today's message.

Any attempt to measure one's progress in life with an assessment of their present physical surroundings, or even a panoramic glance at their life and times to date, is just plain "whacked." The reason being, Louis, is that each journey, kind of like a haircut, should never be fully appraised until it's complete. Otherwise, one might mistaken a miracle-in-the-making for a setback, loss, or the "wet-look."

Your cosmic barber and de-whacker,
The Universe

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 Fall in Love and Art

Love is you
Love is you and me
Love is knowing
We can be
Love is free
Free is love
Love is living
Living Love - John Lennon

2 Fall in Love and Art

Love and Art is so fantastic, Jonas and I have decided to do it again!

Here’s what a happy partygoer had to say:
I had this moment last night of watching some dancers out on the floor, feeling their energy, and feeling how connected and open everyone was in that room. I disconnected a little from my body and saw all of us as pure energy; love that exists beyond time and space without separation. Louis and Jonas are remarkable men for creating that experience, giving it life, and sharing it with all of us. I can't thank you enough.

It’s a potluck!
It’s a dance party!
If you’d like to dj or perform, contact Louis!
Bring your friends!
Donations graciously accepted.

November 7, Studio Current 1417 10th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington
7 p.m.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Whirlpool of Love

I am in the process of writing down my exercises from my chakra class. Here is an exercises called the Whirlpool of Love. Give it a try with your friends or yoga class. I'd love to hear how it works for you.

Whirlpool of Love

When I was a kid, a favorite summer fun thing to do was to create a whirlpool in a neighbor’s above-the-ground swimming pool. After we had our initial thrill of cooling off and splashing around, my friends and I would all work together to create a whirlpool. We would push ourselves through the water, wading in the same direction around outer edge of the pool. Around and around we launched ourselves until after a few minutes, the circular current grew stronger and stronger. Then, we would lift our feet and let ourselves float as the current carried us along.

Here is an exercise that you can use to create a whirlpool of love energy with your class or friends in a similar way. Perhaps as an alternative to savasana at the end of a yoga class on a cold winter day. This is a great way to use the group energy to create some healing and connection.

Warm up for this exercise by walking around an open space with the palms of the hands placed over the heart chakra. Hum a warm “mmm” sound into your hands and feel it resonate between your hands and your heart. Do this for a minute or two.

Come into a circle. Invite everyone to stand somewhat close together so that your shoulders almost touch. Turn to face the outside of the circle and lie down on the floor on your backs with heads toward the center. Inch toward the center until everyone is touching each neighbors on both sides with their shoulders. Let the connection on either side be comfortable, not too close as to feel cramped or claustrophobic. Feel the warmth of your neighbor’s body on your upper arm at the level of your heart chakra.

Take a moment or two to relax in this configuration. If contact is new or uncommon in your group, take a moment or two to breathe into the floor and into the connections on either side before continuing the exercise.

Fill the Pool

Each person will now take some time to connect to their own sources of love energy. This next part can be read aloud during the exercise or recorded and played.

Bring to your heart the beauty of love in your life. Bring to your heart the physical memory of love given and love received. Bring to the circle the love of family. Imagine the love at your birth. Feel the love given to you unconditionally when you were most vulnerable. The love of care and nurturing you received from your parents and family as an infant. Bring to your heart love given freely to your own children and the children of those whom you love. Love to nieces and nephews, to students and those that look to you for guidance.

Bring to your heart the love of your friends. Imagine these friends opening in your heart chakra like unique flowers, each offering a different shape, color and beauty of love. Re embody the easy expansiveness and joy you feel when you are with your friends. Perhaps you have a best friend with whom you share everything. Bring the depth and gratitude of your love for this friend into your heart chakra at this time. Bring to your heart the love of all your love relationships. Remember lovers past, present and future. Feel the complete connection you now understand from these important people in your life. Feel the fullness of this love sensation in your heart chakra.

Create the Whirpool

Imagine your heart is now an overflowing source of love. Like a mountain spring, visualize this love energy begin to flow like a stream outward from your heart center and into those around you now in the circle. Let it rush from your center like a waterfall and disappear into the point of physical contact with the person on the right. Relax and trust that the flow is happening without any effort. Remember that at the same time that your love energy is flowing out the right side of your body that a strong current of love energy is flowing in from the left. Visualize love flowing in and love flowing out.

Can you feel the current of energy flowing through your heart chakra. What does it feel like? What sensations are present? Allow your mind to be empty and open. Imagine that you can collect images of love from the love stream as it passes through your body.

Changing Direction

Let the stream begin to slow and eventually to stop. Before reversing the energy stream to the left, check in with your own heart energy. Oftentimes, it is moments of transition like this when the energetic body can be sensed most clearly. Repeat the same process of allowing the energy to flow out from your heart like water from a tap.

Let it flow out toward your neighbor on the left side this time and receive the current from the friend on the right. Once the flow is created, relax, receive, rejoice in this communal feeling of connection. This time allow the current to swirl through out your body before it passes on. Let it visit any pains. Let it wash away any heartaches. Let it refresh and revive every part of your energetic self.

Playing music with a feeling of continual flow is helpful to the experience. When the exercise feels complete, allow a moment or two for everyone to come out of the experience in their own way. Allow time for neighbors to talk about the whirlpool of love. Sometimes hearing what a neighbor has to say can enhance and expand the experience even further. Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Movement, Meaning and the Creative Healing Power of the Chakra System

Beyond our visible, physical selves, our bodies emit invisible layers of energy. The densest part of our energy system is the chakra system which resembles a chain of interconnected energy centers.

“Chakra” is from the traditional Indian system of medicine and means “spinning wheel” or “vortex.” Our bodies express seven main chakras. The chakras are aligned with the center line of the body from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Our chakra energy is filled with the information of consciousness. This energy flows in, out and throughout our physical bodies and as it moves it interacts and influences our physical selves and our health.
Our bodies are constantly speaking to us through energetic shifts in the chakra system. These shifts can often be felt as physical sensations. We can create powerful personal relationships with our chakra system by tuning in to these sensations and discover what our chakras are telling us. Through meditation, visualization, sound and creative movement, we can build a body/mind bridge to this invisible part of ourselves.

Once created, we can use this new awareness to enhance our lives in many ways. We can listen to what our energy bodies are telling us and make connections between our thoughts, our health and life situations. We can also empower ourselves with enhanced intuition and open ourselves to abundance. Most importantly, knowledge of the chakra system is extremely valuable as the basis for a powerful active creative healing practice. Knowledge of the chakra system can vitalize yoga & other body/mind practices as well.

Louis Gervais (MFA) brings 40 years of experience & creativity to his teaching. Louis became inspired to work with the chakra system through his mature yoga practice and career as a professional dance artist. Chakra Balancing is the culmination of many years of research in somatics (body/mind training), eastern philosophy and transcendent dance practices.

Weekly classes: November 7 – December 12
$15/class; $70/6-class series
Saturdays, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Studio-Current. 1417 10th Avenue, #C. (btwn Pike & Union). Seattle, WA 98122.
One on one sessions at the studio or in your home are also available.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Careful Crossing the Street!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall in Love and Art

Love and Art!

It’s time to Fall in Love and Art again!

We’ve missed you terribly.

Join Louis and Jonas on October 24 at 7 pm for Love and Art!

Love and Art!

Is a potluck, party, performance and …something else that starts with a p.

Ingredients include:
• A rarified atmosphere!
• Lots of really cool people: dancers, artists, performers, therapists and all their very cool fun friends.
• Great dance music!
• Studio Current, the coziest of cozy studio spaces with plenty of room to dance and comfy places to relax and hang out.
• Performances about love! If you have something to share, please contact Louis!
• Food and wine! Please bring some! We will too!
• Guided group fun! I know you’re thinking…this could be goofy or embarrassing (and sometimes it is!), but in the past it’s been just awesome trippy fun. Louis and/or Jonas take the whole party higher with some boundary breaking exercises, guided meditation or somatic exploration.

And that’s Love and Art! Sounds great, right? It’s probably the best party in town if you want to dance, feel good, relax, hang out with friends and meet wonderful people. Maybe that’s the other p. People.

Come fall in Love and Art again with this wonderful community of alive, creative, people.

Studio Current
1417 10th Avenue,
Seattle, Washington
Louis Gervais and Jonas Radvick
October 24, 2009
7 pm – 11 pm
Donations are most graciously accepted

12 Minutes Max

Hey there!
Just wanted to let you know that I am performing in the next 12 Minutes Max! I’ll be performing Sister Sally, the last piece on the program. This seminal work is a spiraling examination of love vs. objects. Six characters respond as their sister Sally starts stealing their suitcases. This piece brings together some elegant dancing, lovable characters, loads of humor and transcendent truth. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not to be missed! See you there!
On the Boards
100 West Roy Street
Sun - Mon / Oct 25 – 26
7 pm / $8 / Studio Theatre