Thursday, November 12, 2009

Giving Thanks for Love and Art

Giving Thanks for Love and Art

After you have had your turkey, come and shake of the sleepiness of overeating at Love and Art. If you’ve always been meaning to come but have never quite made it, you’re missing something really wonderful. If you’ve come to Love and Art, then you know its true.
I was realizing the other day that I never explained the concept of Love and Art. When I first came to Seattle to go to graduate school, I was interested in the ingredients of transcendent experiences. I studied danced religions and somatic explorations searching for the common elements that make us let go, open our hearts and have an excellent time.
These ingredients include:
Dancing for a long time to excellent rhythmic music like the Voudun from West Africa and Haiti. The music at the last Love and Art had the whole room vibrating. It was ecstatic for real.
A creative ritual conducted by a shaman- like figure. Shaman, unlike priests, don’t know where things are headed but they set things in motion and then watch the magic happen. Jonas and I don’t know what will happen, but it always does.
Wine. Jesus loved wine.
We welcome one another in a circle of community like the native Americans.
We spin and twirl and make ourselves dizzy not unlike the Dervishes.
Performance, which is an integral part of most religions.
We touch, hug, and roll around which is straight out of the church of contact improvisation.
Add to it some sort of cool somatic or chakra exercise and it’s just a really awesome time.
So come this Saturday after Thanksgiving and give Thanks for Love and Art. Bring some leftovers or water or wine.
Leave $2 in the jar and get ready for an awesome evening.

Studio Current
1417 E. 10th Street
Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA

November 28, 2009
7 p.m.


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