Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Powerful Teaching

This is one of the most requested episodes of FRONTLINE on PBS. I put it here on my blog because it is a powerful teacher doing a powerful teaching. It made me squirm with recognition and made me see a side of human nature that we all could take a look at.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the review is in!

Here's what the Steve Feeney at the Portland Press Herald had to say about my latest performance:

Veteran Louis Gervais choreographed three of the eight works in the program. Gervais has proven himself a genuinely funny performer over the years, and the two solo pieces he performed were full of wacky spoken text and fitful movements that, despite their off-the-wall character, sometimes revealed an oddly touching world.

"The One Teaching" combined three characterizations of how people can get tied up in abstractions and forget about living in the "present moment." Gervais knows how behaviors can get out of control, and he's able to represent this in a way that walks near the edge of absurdity and insanity...

Gervais' "Journey of Souls," danced by Jill Grunnah, Lisa Hardej, Emily Hricko, Nina Shrayer and Vanessa Paloma, was the most lovely work in the program. Employing some of the vertical concepts of ballet, the piece developed a beautiful flow. Soft lighting by Jamie Grant enhanced the dreamy quality of the piece and some outstanding solo spots completed this very successful work.