Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My New Address

I've landed in Seattle. Although I am still sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, I am in my new studio apartment. This is the view from my apartment. Actually this is the view from the hallway window, but this WILL be my view when the leaves fall off the cherry tree outside my window. Right now there are cherries on it. My new address is 1305 East Denny Way, #307, Seattle, WA 98122. Letters and post cards are much appreciatto.

This is the Glen Ellen, the name of the building I live in. My bike ride from the Glen Ellen to school each day is phenomenol.My new apartment is in an area on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is, of course, a hill. A pretty long steep hill at that and I live on the top, which is fun when you have a bike, which I do. Actually, it's really fun when you go down the hill which I do each day to go to school.

Here I go on my way to school.

Here I am at the top of Capitol Hill.

On top of Capitol Hill is Volunteer Park. This is a really beautiful park. As I enter the park, I pass by the water tower.

You can climb to the top of the water tower and see some amazing views when you come to visit.

This reservoir in Voluteer Park overlooks the Space Needle.

This building houses some really cool plants and trees from around the world.

Once I leave Voluteer Park, I ride downhill very fast on a roller coaster ride through another park. This road is so curvy and steep. It is a blast! This is called Interlaken Park.

At the bottom of the hill I ride past houses that look like this. Big beautiful Tudor's and great gardens. Then I cross over a canal and I'm on the UW Campus.


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