Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My oldest best friend Darren came to spend my first hours on the west coast with me. On the first day, we saw seven, count ‘em 7 apartments. The one I hope I get is a magical connection. It’s a building called the Glen Ellen and it’s on Capitol Hill near a some sweet parks, buslines to the university and restaurants. It’s a great area! Cross your fingers for me cause that’s where I want to live.

Darren and I have walked all over Seattle for three days. I am feeling a bit sunburned actually. The sun has been out everyday since I arrived. Today we visited a Japanese garden, got lost, and had to struggle our way out of the arboretum. It was an adventure! but we laughed so much. We must have walked at least 15 miles in three days!

We were surprised most by the variety of growing things here. So many plants we had never seen before growing wild on the streets of Seattle. Asparagus the size of trees! Everything is in bloom right now and different smells overwhelmed us as we were walking around. What a paradise!

Thanks Darren for coming out! What an amazing, wonderful friend! We had a great, great time. Something I will always remember.


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