Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The Cast of Alight

I am so thankful that new experiences are still coming my way. January 20 and 21, 2006, I performed in an aerial dance performance in Ipswich, Mass. Alight! A Solistice Celebration!

As the Merlin-like narrator, I danced to my own poetic story and guided the audience through cycles of seasons into cycles of lives. I had a wicked cool robe that was like an organic Matrix outfit. By the end, the whole cast became angels and we flew in canvases that were hung from the rafters.

Here’s a little taste of the ending:
We end here at the beginning
Or perhaps we began at the end.
Our lives here on earth are for learning.
Through darkness and trial we transcend.

When the white light reclaims us
And the learning is finally done
It’s the darkness that shows us our brightness
And in light we will know we are One!

All the elements of this performance came together so beautifully. The stage was colorfully lit and immense. The costumes vibrant and the live music from the high school orchestra and chorus was very mature. The women dancers were beautiful from the inside out.

Janet Craft, the shows’ director and choreographer, is my Emerson College dance teacher. She is the one who once said “Louis, just take whatever dance classes you want.” Obviously, she has been very influential in the life I’ve lived as a dancer. It was great to reconnect with her for this project.
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