Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Love and Art

Hey Everyone!
Jonas and Louis are throwing a party!
More than a party,
it's Love and Art.
It's a potluck.
It's a community gathering.
It's a performance.
It's fun, sweet, and yummy.
There will be great dance music.
There will be performance art.
There will be lots of love.
and art.
Bring wine!
And/or food!
And your friends!
It's free!
Feel free!
Feel free to donate a couple bucks, too!
Want to help out?
We love help.
Let us know.
Saturday, July 19th
Starting at 7.30
Studio Current
10th Ave 1417 10th Ave Seattle, WA.
Located between E Pike Street and E Union Street on Capitol Hill.
It isin the middle of the block in the west side.
Look for a sign that reads,"Sweat Box Yoga."
Walk in through the door and follow the corridorthat veers to the right.
You will find Studio Current at the end of thecorridor on your left hand side.
If you have problem finding us, call.
Cause we love you
and we love love
and we love art.
Love, love, love,
Louis and Jonas
Jonas and Louis
Jonas 253 226 1298
Louis 207 380 2690


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